Way of the Cross Walk Good Friday 2nd April 2021

Way of the Cross for Good Friday


On Good Friday there will be an opportunity to take part in a socially distanced walk (or cycle) of witness around the churches of Stamford. At each church location there will be an A2 poster representing one of the fifteen stations of the cross with a corresponding prayer and reflection based on the poster scene. Posters will either be on church doors, windows or street noticeboards and a list of the locations with a recommended route accompanies this short briefing note.


There is no defined time window for this activity but sometime between 10.00 am to 5.00pm seems sensible. Having the posters on public display means that stations need not be manned but some churches may feel they would like to offer encouragement to participants or make available toilet facilities. All of course in compliance with current covid restrictions.


The emphasis is very much on social distanced groups either individual participants or family members who share the same bubble. Care should be taken when approaching a station. If another group is there, please allow them time to move off before approaching the station. In some cases a church service may also be in progress so extra vigilance may be required.


Participants are encouraged to wear something red either a bobble hat, a scarf, a T shirt or a red anorak. If you have a Palm cross please bring that with you as well.


Participants need not cover all fifteen station if they don’t want to as the estimated circuit distance starting at Great Casterton and finishing at the Congregational Halls on Broad Street is around four miles. Those who might be challenged by this distance can start at Christ Church with a circuit length of two miles.


Way of the Cross, Stations


1.   Great Casterton Church Porch (Jesus condemned to death)


2.  Great Casterton Church Hall (Jesus takes up his cross)


3.  Christ Church Notice board (Jesus falls for the 1st time)


4.  Christ Church Street Noticeboard (Jesus meets his mother)


5.  Stamford Free Church Noticeboard (Simon of Cyrene helps)


6.  Barnhill Church Door/window (Veronica wipes Jesus’s face)


7.  All Saints North Door (Jesus fall for 2nd time)


8.  All Saints South Door (Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem)


9.  St John’s Street Noticeboard (Jesus falls for 3rd time)


10.St Mary’s Street Noticeboard (Jesus is stripped of garments)


11. St. Martin’s Noticeboard (Jesus is nailed to the cross)


12. St. George’s Street Noticeboard (Jesus speaks to his mother)


13. URC Star Lane Street Noticeboard (Jesus dies on the cross)


14. St Augustine’s Street Noticeboard (Jesus is taken down)


15.Congregational Hall Window (Jesus is laid in the tomb)




      Way of the Cross, Suggested Route


From Great Casterton follow Great North Road toward Stamford

Turn left into Waverley Gardens and proceed to the end

Turn left into Little Casterton Road and then right into Cambridge Road

Follow Cambridge Road into Edinburgh Road go to the end turn right into Green Lane

Travel down Green Lane for less than 100 metres to Christ Church (station 3&4)

From Christ Church turn back up Green lane and turn right into Kesteven Road

Follow the road round until reaching Stamford Free Church (station 5)

From the Free Church continue on down Kesteven Road and turn right into Drift Road

Up Drift Road and turn left into Emlyns Street

Along Emlyns Street taking the third turn right into New Cross Road

Along New Cross Road to Recreation Road down Rec Road and across Belton Gardens

Pick up North Street and travel towards Scotgate

Enter Barn Hill Methodist church through the car park

Continue through the tunnel unto Barn Hill (station 6)

Down Barn Hill to the North door of All Saints (Station 7)

Travel around the corner to the south door and Station 8

Travel along Red Lion Square to St. John’s church (Station 9)

Continue down St John’s Street and along St Mary’s street.

To St. Mary’s church and Station 10 continue down St Mary’s Hill across town bridge

Up High Street St. Martins to the church (station 11) then through the graveyard to Park Lane/Maltings.

Travel down the maltings turning right into Water street along water street to Albert footbridge. Cross the bridge and up Albert Road to Wharf Road.

Cross Wharf road and up Blackfriars Street to St George’s church ((Station 12)

Travel up St George’s Street turn into St Paul’s Street then left into Star Lane.

United Reform Church on the left and station 13 continue on into Broad Street

Up to St. Augustine’s church and station 14 then cross the road To URC Congregational Halls to station 15 where the Walk of Witness ends.