Prayer Diary for June







 Sat 1st 

 Churches Together






 Lay Preachers and worship leaders

Sun 2nd 

 Mon 3rd

 Tues 4th

 Weds 5th

 Thurs 6th

 Fri 7th

 Sat 8th

 The bereaved 

 The Queen and Royal Family

 Farmers and Farm Labourers

 Stamford and Oundle Foodbanks

 Marie Curie Nurses

 Worshippers who can no longer attend church. 

 Carers and residential care homes

 Sun 9th

 Mon 10th 

 Tues 11th

 Weds 12th

 Thurs 13th

 Fri 14th

 Sat 15th 

 Palm Sunday and the triumphal ride of Jesus into Jerusalem

 Ourselves and our families

 Praying on the Streets of Stamford Group

 People who are ill or suffering. Especially those known to us.

 Maundy Thursday

 Good Friday and the Walk of 

 Street Pastors

 Sun 16th

 Mon 17th

 Tues 18th

 Weds 19th

 Thurs 20th

 Fri 21st

 Sat 22nd

The Resurrection

 The Bible Society

 Environmental campaigners

 Christian Aid

 Emergency Staff

 Market Traders

 Groups who use the hall regularly

 Sun 23rd

 Mon 24th

 Tues 25th

 Weds 26th

 Thurs 27th

 Fri 28th

 Sat 29th

  Fairtrade Workers

 Teachers and pupils of Stamford Schools

 Shining Stars

 The Leprosy Mission

 The three African Countries Affected by Cyclone Idai

  The Coffee morning staff and helpers

 The Evergreen Trust